Cognitive profiles are the new competitive edge.

Our mission is to enable our customers to weave science into their decisions using cognitive profiles of their people for a competitive edge.

We assess cognitive dimensions to explain and predict performance across industries. Cognition includes many kinds of information processing and performance — from recognizing faces, to solving puzzles, to throwing darts — and nobody is good or bad at everything. People are cognitively complex, with cognitive profiles that vary across different dimensions. We use video game-like scientific tests to optimize staffing decisions by uncovering individuals’ cognitive profiles.

Driven by Harvard, Yale, Dartmouth and Princeton alumni.

Use our suite of cognitive tests backed by 100+ years of research, and proprietary insight to discover, recruit, and develop the best performers for every role.

Create cognitive profiles for all employees so you can understand which specific abilities make your top performers great.

Gain insight into employee strengths and weaknesses to manage them better and boost efficiency, productivity, and performance.

Make better hiring decisions by assessing candidates’ match to Cognitive Profiles of Strength for each position

A detailed cognitive profile provides insight and self-knowledge to everyone in an organization and provides management a window into the natural strengths and weaknesses of their teams.

Managers can utilize identified cognitive abilities to optimize training programs and each employee’s responsibilities on the job.

Hiring and staffing managers can determine how well a candidate fits into a company’s overall culture and collective cognitive profile, as well as recognize fit for specific positional demands.

Ben Barnett
Ben Barnett
President & CEO

Ben has 18 years of leadership experience in a variety of fields including defense contracting, business development, education, recruiting, non-profit management and coaching (football, basketball, swimming, lacrosse). In 2018, he called his longtime friend Justin Junge to discuss using visual cognitive tests to predict athletic performance, and with that, the BodhiMetrics family of companies was born. Ben graduated from Yale with a degree in Political Science (2002).

Justin Junge
Justin Junge
Chief Science Officer

Justin is responsible for designing and developing all tests in the BodhiMetrics family of companies. Justin graduated from Harvard with a degree in Psychology (2003), and completed his Ph.D. in Psychology at Yale (2008). He currently teaches Statistics, Research Methods, Cyborg Psychology, Computational Modeling of Psychological Function, Cognitive Psychology and a variety of other courses.

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